US Customs Brokerage

US Customs clearance and compliance for imports and exports. Our National Permit allows us to service all ports and points of entry in the US for all products and modes of transportation. 

Warehouse & Distribution

Professionally managed warehouse and distribution services through use of WMS and years of experience handling various types of products and working with hundreads of clients.


Navco can assist your company with their local, Cross-Border, and domestic transportation regardless of FTL, LTL, container, or priority shipments. 

Freight Forwarding & 3PL

From Domestic transportation to International Ocean Cargo shipments being imported or exported, can all be handled by Navco. Door to door services monitored throughout the process. 


In-Bonds provide an increase in cash flow  by deferring payment of taxes/duties. Navco provides bonded warehouse and container yard, along with management systems to assist clients. 


Over 25 years in the International business industry has provided many opportunities to assist clients with their logistics, Customs, and manufacturing needs. We act as a liaison for our clients abroad and help manage  local operations to run more efficiently and profitably. 

Manufacturing Plant Support Services

3rd Party Quality Inspection

Navco offers inspection, rework, testing, and containment services for raw materials, in-process, pre-shipment, and finish goods. 

Distribution Center

Offer our warehouse and management services to send finished product directly to end users or other DCs. Manage inventory and even transportation. 

Vendor Hub / VMIs

Assist our clients with efficient inventory and cash flow management by keeping raw material on supplier's books, rather than on manufacturer's. 

Sorting / Pick & Pack

Another service offered to reduce the overall burden on our clients and increase efficiency by using only what is needed at the plant.

High Value Storage

For goods that require added levels of security and production, we offer a highly restricted storage area within the warehouse. 

Manufacturing & Customs Software

This Software that increases efficiency and reduces risk of non-compliance and issues with "Pedimentos" and its tracking.