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NAVCO offers superior information systems service in:

Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifElectronic Data Exchange (EDI)
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifOnline Shipment, Tracking, Reporting, and File Transfer
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifComplete ABI Interface and Query Capabilities
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Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifPurchase Order Management and Reporting
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifStandard and Customized Management Reporting
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifHigh Speed Digital "Frame Relay" Telecom Network
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NAVCO recognizes that strengthening our clients' competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, global business environment depends on having instant access to vital shipment status information. Through a feature-rich information systems and technologies, clients utilize flexible, efficient data solutions to gain immediate access to critical tracking, management and analytical information tailored to their industry-specific needs.

NAVCO's comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems provide a seamless platform to exchange essential information with our trading partners-clients, U.S. Customs and other government agencies, carriers, consolidators, freight forwarders, logistics providers, and agents. This powerful EDI infrastructure enable us to electronically receive, translate, and deliver necessary shipment documents such as commercial invoices, purchase orders, manifests, advance shipping advice, Customs entries and other logistical transactions. Paper-based processes are eliminated, and cycle time reduced. Simultaneously, data accuracy and quality are increased, cash flows accelerated and customer service improved, ultimately maximizing profits.

By leveraging real-time data and interactive applications, NAVCO's clients are equipped with customized solutions to effectively meet all of their most demanding logistics challenges.



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The U.S. Customs Service is striving towards a paperless environment. It is also our mission to speed the flow of cargo data through Customs and other government agencies such as FDA, FCC, and DOT with automation.

The NAVCO Automated Data Exchange (CADE) is an Broker data interface system designed to provide Internet electronic data transmissions via telephone lines, capabilities for clients to access in real time NAVCO's computer system. This electronic error free communication eliminated the need for manual keypunching of the importing invoice information to develop the Customs ENTRY SUMMARY, CF7501. In addition to processing an error free entry, EDI provides the ability to automatically process Border Cargo Selectivity, SED, in- bonds, foreign trade zone admittance and withdrawals.

More recently, NAVCO has made the electronic transmission file layout available at no charge to our client's so that they may incorporate it into their own import/export software programs.

NAVCO has qualified as a participant in U.S. Customs' Automated Broker Interface system. Developed to expedite the transaction of Customs business, ABI gives Customs brokers the capability to file with and import data electronically from U.S. Customs. Our ABI system gives you the following benefits:

Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifExpedited Cargo Release
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifElectronic Transmission, Validation, Confirmation, and Correction for Entry Summaries
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifPayment Options Such as Daily Statement and Electronic Payment through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifValidated Duties, Taxes, and Fees
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifInteractive Communication with Customs
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifCourtesy Notices of Liquidation, Extension, and Suspension
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifConsolidated reports under the National Importer Liquidation Program
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifError Statistics Available Monthly
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifTimely Tariff Updates
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifQuery capabilities
Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifUniform Entry Summary Processing

NAVCO will also provide a Mexican Customs Accounting Package for the US manufacturer. This Mexican Customs Accounting Package addresses the specific needs to comply with NAFTA, US Cost Submissions and the Maquiladora program. This software automates the US Cost Submission and NAFTA Determination process.



NAVCO LOGISTICS – 2500 Courage Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78521 - 956.542.4426 voice 956-544-2139 fax