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Highly trained Customs Administration experts provide NAVCO teams and clients with valuable insight and technical guidance into Customs' complex regulatory environment.

Accessing pertinent trade information through a vast library and electronic research facility, this versatile staff of professionals promotes full compliance and reasonable care under the Customs Modernization Act, including, admissibility, classification, valuation, marking, liquidation, record keeping, and other government agencies' regulatory requirements.

This result-oriented team assists clients in dealing with the bureaucratic nature of U.S. Customs, collaborating with Customs officials to remove obstacles hindering clearance or post-entry processes.

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Many questions arise routinely that are new to you and perhaps to us but are not new to the legal system. Whether the question might be the classification of a new product or the application of a duty reduction law, it is always possible the issue has been raised and resolved in the past. We have available an extensive library of laws, court decisions, and Customs administrative rulings we can search to find answers to questions that have been asked in the past. With the results of our research in hand, we often promptly resolve issues with U.S. Customs that might otherwise develop into confrontations and may eliminate the need to apply for a binding ruling.

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At NAVCO, we do precision work, no guessing games, in the determination of the classifications of your merchandise. We will ask you to supply us all the technical details of your products. If there is any doubt in the proper classification, we will first comb through all existing binding rulings to search for one that applies. If none is found, we will apply for a new binding ruling on your behalf from U.S. Customs Headquarters.

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A protest is the legal means by which an importer, consignee or agent may challenge decisions made by U. S. Customs Officers. Most of these decisions involve classification, rate of duty, or value of imported goods. Others involve Customs denials of requests for duty refunds, or Customs exclusion of merchandise from entry.

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If a client receives a notice of penalty for violation of a Customs or other agency law, or is assessed a liquidated damages claim for breach of a Customs bond agreement, NAVCO Logistics, Inc., Inc., can file a petition for relief against the demand for payment. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff that can file persuasive petitions requesting cancellation or mitigation of the penalty or liquidated damages amount.


NAVCO offers superior import service in:

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Description: C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Webs\COMBRO\images\bullet.gifIntellectual Property Rights and Licensing Reqs.
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